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Kod nas ćete naći prvoklasne proizvode, usluge i profesionalnu podršku. Kompanija Remex d.o.o posvećena je ispunjavanju svih realnih zahjteva kupaca, korektnom odnosu prema poslovnim partnerima, pristupačnim cijenama i najboljem odnosu cijene i kvaliteta.

About Our Company

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UpScale is a global business consulting company that delivers innovative solutions through its services.
Our headquaters are in New York. With offices in London, Berlin and Tokyo.
Founded in 1965, we are providing business consulting services for more than 50 years.
We are involved in more thatn 400 projects in any one time. These range in value from 1000$ to more than 10$ million.

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There are no secrets to success. It is the result of preparation and hard work.


Our platform is now available on every device

Upscale receives the most customer admired company award

Upscale Group buys Trust Technologies for $8 million

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You are only one call away from giving your business a boost. Vestibulum pellentesque vitae nibh eget condimentum. Aliquam in semper dui, ac mattis tortor. Phasellus at blandit justo, id maximus sapien. Fusce iaculis, mi vitae euismod accumsan, tortor augue ultricies lorem.

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